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1st Generation Parker Hale p1853 Enfield Rifle Musket 

Happy New Year from Agents Campbell and Pelican's Military Goods and The Authentic Campaigner!

To motivate the Living Historian community in giving back to battlefield preservation, the Agents have approached the AC staff for a combined approach that will make someone very happy in 2017. An excellent condition 1st Generation Parker Hale p1853 Rifle Musket will be raffled off at the Ft. Blakeley event! These rifles are legendary in their quality, and are highly sought after by shooters and living historians alike, and this one will be a proud addition to your armory if you do not already have your own. The 1st Generation PH's were constructed on the original machinery as the originals, including the progressive rifling. Enough can not be said about these rifles muskets, and we were pleased to provide an excellent example for the raffle.

This Will be an Incredible Opportunity to Do Two Things:

1) Support Battlefield Preservation for our future generations.
2) Knowing that we are walking-the-walk in doing our part to protect our hallowed grounds.

The raffle tickets will be sold through the Authentic-Campaigner website for $5 each ticket, and the winner will be picked at the Ft. Blakelely event. Agent Pelican and I will then ship the rifle to you, or to a musket defarber of your choice.

Raising funds for battlefield preservation is a major priority for the AC, and what better way to kick-off an excellent year of EBUFU events that to donate, or possibly take home your own Parker Hale!

And here is the best part! The winner not only gets the Parker-Hale, but will select the preservation effort of their choice for a contribution from the proceeds! So, buy your raffle ticket (or tickets) today!

Raffle Instructions & Rules:

To enter the raffle, go to the "Parker-Hale Raffle Donate" button at the top-right of the forums (Look for the yellow "Donate" Button. See below). Please use "Payment to Friends & Family", so there is no fee for the payment.

We will track the tickets through our PayPal account and you will be assigned a number based on the order that you purchased the ticket(s). We will post the updated list as the raffle grows, just like many events do their "registered list".

The winner does not need to be present at the drawing. The musket will be shipped to the winner.

If you have any questions, please contact Tyler Underwood. Tyler is in charge of this raffle for the AC. His e-mail address is

Congratulations to our Winner! 

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