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Item #011: m1816 Remington Maynard Alteration with bayonet

This is a classic m1816 musket altered to percussion at Frankford Arsenal using Maynard Tape Primer. 21,952 m1816/22 muskets were updated using this system starting in 1856. All were rifled and most were given a rear site. In 1858, 6,830 muskets were altered, with 4,852 receiving rear sites. Some muskets ended up in Louisiana as evidenced by the photograph of private Thomas Taylor (9th Louisiana Infantry) in 1861. This one is a nice example of a pre-war musket that saw use during the Civil War. It has a pleasant medium gray finish with minor pinprick pitting on the metal. The stick has minor handling marks and one small wood chip opposite of the lock. The mechanics are functional and the bore has some rifling present. It includes the correct replacement socket bayonet with the older style socket and new 1855 18’’ blade. Interesting to bore is a VIII carved into the stock. Assembly marks like this were used on Confederate alterations and repairs. This is a nice representative piece of a Civil War musket that was commonly used and belongs in any Civil War collection.

Price: $1195

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