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Trenton NJ Contract m1861 Dated 1863

This example of the model 1861 58. Caliber, Springfield type rifle musket contracted to the U.S. Government by James T. Hodge & Addison M. Burt of the Trenton Locomotive and Machine Company, Trenton, New Jersey. The Trenton contract was received on December 26 1861 for 50,000 rifles, but only delivered 11,500 in 1863. Their full production only numbered approximately 22,000. 

It was also brought to our attention that this may be part of a lot of 4,710 rifles that were rejected for Federal service, but bought by New Jersey to arm her troops. You will notice the lack of a stamp on the lock plate, as well as no federal inspector stamps on the stock, minus, one cursive "NJ." 

This rifle is in very good condition. The read sight needs to be tightened, and the hammer has a little play, but still functions perfectly. Minor adjustments that any gunsmith can perform. The 1863 stamping is nearly rubbed off, and only visible with tilting the rifle where you can then see the outline of a "3." On the barrel, the 1863 stamp on the tang is also faint, but easily seen with the naked eye.

The rifling is in excellent condition! This Trenton could work as a reenacting weapon, or perform as an NSSA competition weapon. There is a nice patina over the entire weapon, except where the bayonet had been fixed for a number of years. You could easily restore this to armory bright condition, or allow to patina in the years to come. The bayonet fits well, and carries over the same patina of the rifle. 

Overall, an excellent weapon that can serve a variety of functions.
$1250 -SOLD

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