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The Agents

Agent Campbell and Pelican
Kenessaw Mountain Film Shoot

     Since 2000, the Agent "William L. Campbell" and "Peter Pelican" have been members of the Civil War living history community. With adopted first person names, they have gone throughout the Midwest, South, and Eastern regions under such as the Old Northwest Volunteers and Co. B of the 36th Illinois Infantry. They have portrayed both sides of the War, and are continuously involved in Civil War matters since elementary school.

     The Agents began buying and selling muskets at first for their own collection and living history purposes, but then decided to launch a full-time page for Civil War artifacts, mostly concentrating on reproduction and original muskets, gun tools, and image artifacts in 2014. 

     After having much success in providing muskets, images, and other items for living historians and collectors alike, they approached the Authentic-Campaigner forum to become an Approved Vendor for 2017. We are honored to able to join the "AC," and are looking forward to providing your with one of our muskets one day.

Mark and Jason K.

 Agent "William L. Campbell" and "Peter Pelican"

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