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Item #013: Percussion Altered m1840 that was coverted by Bouron and Sons of New Orleans

This very rare musket began life as a M1840 flintlock musket by Nippes. The first alteration was done with a unique Maynard lock. But while most would assume a percussion musket could be pressed into the Confederate "make-do" service, this underwent a second percussion alteration.

P. Bouron & Sons of New Orleans oversaw the additional improvements. They removed the Maynard system and reduced the amount the drum bolster stuck out from the lock. The hammer was replaced with a m1861 style hammer. The number of muskets that Bouron & Sons altered is estimated to be approximately 200. Some speculation reduces this number to possibly only 100. Either way, these are very rare alterations, and would make an excellent addition to a collection of CS alterations, Deep South weapons, Nippes muskets, or to pair with a Maynard lock Nippes!

This musket is in very good condition. Minimal wood loss is only found near the tang, probably done when the musket underwent alteration (either the first or second time). There are no splits in the wood, and the barrel has a smooth surface with minimal would pitting. The wood has an extremely healthy amount of feathering as well- this was not an abused or attic condition piece! The ramrod is full length, and this musket retains all hardware. A terrific and very rare rare Confederate arm that is missing from quite a few collections!


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