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Item #012: m1816 Altered by the Union Manufactoring Company for Confederate use!

This musket was originally made in flintlock by Asa Waters from Millbury, CT. However, as documented in the book Confederate Rifles and Muskets, the Richmond firm Union Manufacturing Company altered 10,000 muskets for Virginia in 1861.


The Confederacy was hard-pressed to come up with weapons to combat the Federal government and subsequently altered tens of thousands of muskets to a percussion firing system. The flintlock hardware was removed and a new bolster was brazed onto the barrel. During the conversion process, batches of guns were disassembled and numbered since the older muskets had parts that were not always interchangeable. The lock, hammer, and barrel were all stamped "568".


This is a nice example of a documented Confederate alteration that likely would have seen service early in the Eastern Theater. It remains in attic condition. Please see pictures.

Price: $2195

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