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m1855 Springfield Parts Rifle Musket

On commission for a living historian, this was a 1980-1990s custom repair job of a m1855 Springfield rifle to fit the impression of the 1st Colorado Volunteer Infantry. Needless to say, the rifle was used throughout the War, East and West, and by the North and South. M1855 Springfields saw hard use, and originals are often left in the studies' of collectors. 

This particular rifle would serve the needs of the living historian, and once relined, the N-SSA shooter in us all. Comprised of original and a few reproduction pieces, and a repaired stock. The rifle forearm was pieced together behind the bottom barrel band, and in the lock area, but well done without major appearance issues. The barrel may be from a m1861, but is safe for shooting and reenacting.

The Maynard lock is non-functioning at the moment, but parts could make this fully functional once again! This would be a wonderful project piece at the price of a new reproduction m1855 without a functional, or opening primer door. This would be a spectacular piece for someone always wanting an m1855 that was out of reach!

$1200 shipped

patch box
Interior of the patch box
Existant, but non-functioning!
Lock Internals
Rear Sight
Trigger Assembly
Tang area repair.
Barrel Tang
Front Sight
Breech Plug removal markings
Interior barrel channel repair
Front forearm repair
Interior Lock Repair
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