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Item #014: Sinclair Hamilton & Co. and Isaac Curtis Marked p1853 Enfield

A nice example of one of the thousands of Confederate imported p1853 Enfields that served in the ranks of Southern soldiers. Just forward of the buttplate is the familiar SHC stamp of Sinclair Hamilton and Co., who would be a prolific supplier and one of the most well-known. 


Additionally, the musket was viewed by the agent Isaac Curtis, with his viewer stamp on the flat opposite of the lock. 

The EP Bond lockplate stands out with a pleasant overall patina, along with the rest of the metal. The stock rates good, with a few handling marks and a small repair of chipped wood to the left of the lockplate. The bore retains rifling and the lock is mechanically sound. The ramrod is full-length and shows the "T&C C" nicely. 

This is a nice entry point into the realm of Confederate Enfields without spending double or more on numbered or state-marked Enfields.


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