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Welcome to the Agents' Military Goods Page 

36th Illinois Infantry Volunteers

Carter House, Franklin, TN 2014

Image by Wendell Decker

       What started as a procurement program for members of our living history group quickly grew into a small side hobby. When Agents Campbell and Pelican's Military Goods first started in 2011 buying muskets, they never could have imagined that they would have over 130+ muskets move through their hands. The Agents have bought and sold muskets and bayonets across international borders  and even across an ocean.

 The Agents are constantly looking for quality reproduction and original muskets at excellent prices for living historians, shooters, and collectors alike. Our customers have included a museum, shooters, and living historians from all over the United States. However, they do avoid dealing Indian/Pakistani weapons from the limited market, and limitations that many units and historic sites have placed upon them.


       While the inventory is constantly turning over, we always are on the lookout for items, and are willing to work trades, commissions, sales, and purchases. At times, the item may not be in stock. However, they will do what they can to find what you are looking for (even if it turns out to be years). The website will be updated more frequently in 2020, but the Facebook page is typically the MOST current. If you have a question about an item, please drop us a line.


       We accept PayPal (Friends/Family), personal check, and money orders. We do offer layaway with some items, so please contact us for terms. 

Some of the items they are constantly looking for are:

  • 36th Illinois Infantry and 15th Illinois Cavalry items

  • Imported Muskets: Lorenzes

  • m1816s

  • Reproductions of Pre-Civil War and Wartime Issued Weapons

  • Snell Bayonets (Original and Repro)


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