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Hitchcock Conversion m1816 Musket

Built in the style of the Hewes and Phillips breech alteration, this .69 smoothbore weapon is unique in the method in which it was altered. When the .69 rifled muskets were tested, the cone-in-barrel alterations were bursting due to the pressure build-up behind the minie ball. To fix this problem, contractors would cut off the breech off the barrel and then a new one was attached, along with rear sights. This allowed the musket to then be rifled and shoot minie-ball rounds. This is considered one of the 10,000 alterations performed by Hitchcock, and are not easily obtained, nor seen since they are void of any identifiable markings except a few key-place stamped numbers.


However, not all were rifled as this one presents another story. With these .69 smoothbores, they were sent back without rifling, and issued as is. These have been highly sought after in the NSSA for being a smoothbore musket, with rear sites! Only a handful of muskets were sighted but not rifled, which puts the shooter at an advantage of having a better sight picture than their Federal cone-in-barrel opponent. This one will be coming with a superb bayonet, and a stock with minimal wear and use, and only a small gap in the wood under the trigger guard. Otherwise, this musket is in superb condition, and display well, or better yet, be shot in the NSSA smoothbore competition.


$1450 shipped -SOLD

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