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Defarbed m1861 with Trenton Lock

Expertly defarbed by John Zimmerman, this rifle was purchased brand new second hand in 2012. The rifle has been recontoured to fit the dimensions of originals, and the rear sight blued before final inspection stamps.

In 2015, the Springfield had an original Trenton lock installed with an 1863 date. The barrel was restamped to match the date by Novelty Ordnance, and the lock was fitted specifically for this rifle. The lockplate had additional metal applied so the bolster would rest flush against the lock, and fit just like it would have.

Brand new, this rifle would run about $1050 to replicate with an original lock, defarb, and then final fittings. All this would need is a SAC card, and it would be NSSA legal.

$800 shipped- ON LAYAWAY

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