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m1854 Dated 1857 Austrian Lorenz Rifle Musket

A very good .54 high block example of the coveted Lorenz Rifle Musket. Often overlooked in most Confederate kits due to the popularity of the Enfield Rifle Musket, the Lorenz is surging in popularity among Western CS living historians (and Federal too!) and collectors. This .54 example has perhaps the best bore grooves we've seen, albeit very light pitting inside the bore. The metal is smooth, and has minimal pitting or wood loss. The hardware matches with identical stamps of #7 throughout the gun. The bayonet has a dark patina and oxidation, but may clean up bright. Either way, it fits the rifle perfectly. 


This is simply a great example of the second most imported weapon in the Civil War, and the quintessential Army of Tennessee rifle. The rifle also comes with an original bayonet in a darker shade, but does fit the rifle well. Perhaps a gentle cleaning would resolve to matching the two well. The rifle is mechanically sound, and is simply just a fine and solid representation of a Civil War Austrian Lorenz.


You will be very pleased in adding this as a collector's item, living history, or for your next NSSA competition. Similar condition rifles are hard to come by so affordably, and the next chance may be one or two years even.


$1650 shipped -SOLD

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