Other Previously Sold Items

We have had a variety of different firearms over the past few years. Here is a small sampling of different weapons, badges, and images that have come across our hands in the past three-years. 

1766, Colt Revolving Rifle, and PH
Hewes & Phillips Type 2
Zoli m1863 Remington
Locks and Tools
Enfield Cone Protectors
m1816 Johnson Contract Musket
1st Gen. PH p1853 Enfield RM
p1861 PH Enfield Musketoon
Euroarms p1853 Enfield RM
Pomeroy m1816 Musket
m1816 Federal Alteration
Leman Alt. m1816 Musket
Parker Hale p1853 Enfield RM
Navy Arms 1766 Charleville
Euroarms p1858 Enfield Rifle
Armisport p1853 Enfields
36th Ohio CDV Groupings
7th Wisconsin Ladder Badge
96th Illinois Inf G.A.R. Badge
DST Sharps Rifle, Enfield RM and R
Remington Maynard Conversion