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1795 Springfield Musket by Pedersoli

For sale is a very good condition 1795 Pedersoli Springfield Musket. These are the weapon to have for the numerous early 19th Century US conflicts. For the adventurous, you could turn this into a Virginia Manufactory Musket with a drum bolster conversion, or leave as is for an unconverted flintlock. The possibilities are endless, and leads much creativity to the owner.

The pan frizzen spring is undergoing repair, and will be complete before the musket is allowed to ship, or we will drop the price to cover the cost for the replacement. There is slight wear on the musket, the toe of the buttplate has some wood loss, and there is very light pitting on the barrel. 

What is left is an affordable 1795 that would normally cost $1,400+ brand new. The price includes shipping, and refund if it is not to your expectations.

$850 shipped - SOLD

1795 Springfield
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