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Pedersoli m1816 Flintlock Musket

For sale is a Pedersoli m1816 Musket in the original configuration of flintlock. The lock is stamped Harpers Ferry 1816. The m1816 saw widespread use during the early American wars against Indian Tribes, Mexico, and early in the CW (even late into the war!). While most m1816s were beginning to be converted in the 1850/60s, some flintlocks were still scattered throughout Confederate armies East and West as troops were issued weapons in the rear of whatever was available.


Among contractors, Harpers Ferry armory, and the Springfield armory, roughly 675,000 were produced, and was perhaps the most common weapon seen early on in the war. This musket is in unfired condition, albeit it has been tested for flintlock functionality, and it produces excellent sparking. The stock is in perfect condition, and has an inspector's mark opposite the lockplate. The barrel has most of the browning remaining, a little fading by the breech, and the washer has seen some fading too. The bayonet is a reproduction, and has some blemishing, but is still mirror bright. Overall, this would be a perfect weapon to defarb of modern markings, and restore to a pre-war or wartime use.


$850 -SOLD

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